The potential to offer significant advantages over current oncolytic viral therapies

The VacV pipeline comprises of products designed to target multiple cancer types, synergise with conventional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy and sensitize non-responsive tumors to existing immunotherapies.

Pipeline progression

Development stage
Phase I/II
VacV001 Pancreatic cancer
VacV001 Glioblastoma
VacV002 Colorectal cancer with liver metastasis
VacV00X Undisclosed targets

We’re focusing on a range ofrefractory solid tumors

Our initial focus lies in the development of therapies for a range of refractory solid tumors including pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, glioblastoma and metastatic colorectal cancer. Preclinical study results from our programs suggest that our development candidates are highly efficacious after systemic delivery in a wide range of tumours and our lead programmes are poised to enter clinical development.

The development candidates are based on a propriety genetically modified Lister strain Vaccinia virus. Gene deletions enhance tumor specific and induction of anti-tumor responses. Addition of payloads act to enhance viral spread within and between tumours, reduce early viral clearance and remodel the immunosuppressive micro tumor environment to promote robust anti-tumor immunity. Our development candidates can act as monotherapies to deliver therapeutic effect, however efficacy is significantly enhanced in combination with existing immunotherapies.